Adenoid Disease

Enlarged adenoids cause multiple problem in young children at around 5 years of age due to bilateral nasal obstruction.

Symptoms - Noisy breathing, snoring & obstructive sleep apnea, chronic ear sinus infection, fluid in the middle ear causing conductive deafness.

Complications - Untreated adenoids can use to chronic ear & sinus infection, adhesive otitis media, affect dental and palatal development due to chronic mouth opening scholastic performance due to disturb sleep & conductive hearing loss.

Diagnosis - History along with typical adenoid facies, nasal endoscopy, radiological & otological investigation give a full picture of the extent of the involvement

Treatment - Medical steroid nasal spray

Surgical - Endoscopic microdebrider assisted adenoidectomy and/or myringotomy & grommet insertion if serous otitis media is also present.