Electro surgery is used in dermatological procedures to stop bleeding (haemostasis) or to destroy abnormal skin growths.

In electro surgery, high-frequency, alternating electric current at various voltages (200 to 10,000 V) is passed through the skin to generate heat. It requires a power supply and a hand piece with one or more electrodes. The device is controlled using a switch on the hand piece or a foot switch. Compared with surgical removal, benefits of electro section include reduced surgical time, reduced post-operative complications (pain, swelling, and infection), maximum readability of histologic specimen, enhanced healing and excellent cosmetic results. No sutures are necessary when it is used to remove small skin lesions flush with the normal skin contour.

  • Patient should not be on any blood-thinning medicine like aspirin or ibuprofen or warfarin.
  • Site having the lesion is cleaned with povidone iodine solution
  • Local anesthetic injection is given to minimize pain
  • Lesion is moistened with normal saline using gauze.
  • Lesions are removed with the help of probe attached to the electrode of the machine. Electrode contacts skin directly and heats it up resulting in dehydration of surface and slightly deeper skin. This leads to gradual destruction and removal of abnormal tissue.

Avoid touching the site of wound or surgery as it might cause infection or bleeding from the site. Clean the wound once or twice a day with saline water or diluted hydrogen peroxide and keep it dry. Apply and take medications as instructed by physician. Healing time will usually range from two to three weeks

What are the benefits & risks of Electrosurgery?

The outcomes of Electrosurgery depend on several factors and conditions suffered by the patient in the past.

The benefits of Electrosurgery include

  • Reduced surgical time
  • Less bleeding
  • Reduced post-operative complications (pain, swelling, infection),
  • Enhanced healing, les scarring
  • No sutures are required for small skin lesions flush with the normal skin contour.

The procedure of electrocautery has fewer risks and complications that include

  • Slight bleeding
  • Infection
  • Pain

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