Entry to Exit Journey

The JNU Hospital International Patients Assistance Service

JNU Hospital has a specialised service for all their international patients, who are testimony to the premium healthcare that it provides. The trauma of suffering from an ailment and the uncertainty of medical treatment in a foreign land can be a stressful experience. This is exactly where our dedicated Team of International Patient Services Personnel come into action to help and support you in your entire journey to recovery.


Complete Management from your Entry to Exit

Our International Patient Services Team will swing into action even before you set foot in India and will organise your treatment packages, visa assistance, take care of hotel reservations and even arrange an airport pickup as soon as you arrive. In case, you want to enjoy the sights of majestic Rajasthan, after your recovery, our Team will ensure you have a unique experience. These services include scheduling of appointments, medical care and advice and ensuring your utmost comfort and well-being.

Your treatment journey at JNU Hospital


Get your medical history analyzed

Our dedicated Team starts analyzing your medical history with the help of medical experts as soon as your request is received to advise you on the appropriate medical care.


Consult first, travel later

Now you can avail the convenience of scheduling an online (video) appointment with a doctor through our telemedicine service even before you fly down to our medical destination. Expert doctors can suggest the best possible cure for you after a through discussion about your medical condition.

  • Set up online consultation , at your convenience.


Book your dates and we do the rest

You just need to book your travel dates and the JNU Hospital Team will take care of your entire itinerary for your stay here. Right from organizing all your doctor appointments to local transport and hotel bookings, everything is arranged for your comfort, till you arrive. On your arrival, the appointed International Patient Care Executive will personally escort you from the airport and provide all the required assistance during your journey to recovery.


Customized assistance from Admission to Discharge

Our dedicated International Patient Services Personnel will be by your side from the moment you walk into our hospital premises. Beginning with the admission process, doctor appointments, and treatment till you recover and are discharged, each process is duly assisted for a smooth medical experience. Adequate post-treatment care and follow-up assistance for further care will be advised by our doctors, if required.


Assistance for Discharge and Documentation

On successful completion of your treatment, and subsequent discharge, our Team will assist you through the discharge process, clear post hospitalization queries, organize all your medical reports and even drop you at the airport for your journey back home.


Follow-up Assistance at home via Telemedicine

JNU Hospital takes the follow-up medical assistance from home to the next level, and makes it possible for you to connect with your doctor, thousands of miles away. Through the use of varied media like online phone calls, video or e-mails, you can now connect with any of our panel doctors, anytime, anywhere.