We, at JNU Hospital Jaipur offer the best physiotherapy services in Jaipur with the state-of-the-art facilities.

Our experts offer assessment and comprehensive treatment for various musculoskeletal & joint disorders, neurologic disorders, sports injuries and cardio respiratory rehabilitation. Major focus is on specialized services like postural correction, gait analysis, vestibular rehabilitation, advanced manual therapy techniques like spinal mobilizations, osteopathy, chiropractic etc. At JNU Hospital, all international and national protocols and policies are strictly followed to ensure clinically reliable and safe healthcare for all its patients.

With the sole aim of providing quality and best healthcare, we have specialized departments which focuses particularly on pediatric rehabilitation, obstetrics & gynecological rehabilitation, an outpatient department which focuses on holistic rehabilitation of patients. We also have an array of advanced therapies such as electrotherapy lab equipped with the world-class advance modalities along with manual therapy, cupping therapy, IASTM, Dry needling etc. that provides enduring health solutions outliving the expectations of our valued patients.

Therapies includes

Manual Therapy

The hygienic wards at JNU Hospital meet international standards and the specially trained nursing and paramedical staff here, offer the best in medical care, under the guidance of highly professional doctors.

Electro Therapy Techniques

Laser therapy, EMG, Biofeedback, ultrasound therapy, Diathermy (SWD, MWD, LWD), cold packs, Interferential current therapy, traction (cervical & lumbar), continuous passive motion shoulder, elbow and lower extremity.


Posture training, muscle strengthening, cardio vascular training and stretching.

  • Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Postural Assessment and Corrections
  • Ergonomics Training
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Frequently Asked Questions

Physiotherapists are professionals who provide movement and exercise, manual treatment, education, and counseling to those who have been injured, ill, or disabled.

Physiotherapists are specialists trained to help you perform specific physical tasks, exercises, and stretches. They have special facilities and equipment that can address all kinds of mobility problems and restore your functionality.

It can help you reduce or eliminate pain, avoid surgery, improve mobility, recover from or prevent a sports injury, deal with diabetes and vascular conditions, manage heart and lung diseases through exercises, assist in women’s health and other conditions and many more.