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JNU Hospital has a specialised service for all their international patients, who are testimony to the premium healthcare that it provides.

The trauma of suffering from an ailment and the uncertainty of medical treatment in a foreign land can be a stressful experience. This is exactly where our dedicated Team of International Patient Services Personnel come into action to help and support you in your entire journey to recovery.

Entry to Exit Journey

Facilities & Accommodation


Facilities & Accommodation

A lot of stay options are available as JNU Hospital is located in the beautiful and stately city of Jaipur. In fact, the Guesthouse in the JNU Hospital Campus can also be booked. For comfortable accommodation for overseas patients and attendants, a hotel can be booked. The hotels here offer a variety of facilities such as multi-cuisine restaurant, complimentary wireless internet and other such comforts.



The hospital has taken special steps to create a system which meets the special dietary demands of overseas clients while not compromising with the taste under the International patient services. Strict Quality Control is a deeply imbibed quality at JNU Hospital. The food is prepared in a hygienic environment and complies with high quality standards. Personalizing food to meet both the nutritional and taste needs of overseas patients is a challenge that the F&B Services Dept. at JNU Hospital overcomes day after day. Our specialist doctors along with skilled and experienced dieticians chart out personalized diet plans to ensure that patients receive their daily intake of nutrition and enjoy what they eat too.

Guided Tours

Guided Tours

A dedicated person organizes special guided tours for international patients on request. In case the patient wishes to combine the treatment period with a holiday, to recuperate in India, a tour facility for foreign patients can be arranged in affiliation with leading tour operators around the globe.

Currency Exchange

JNU Hospital provides specialized foreign exchange guidance to patients from foreign countries. There is the facility to exchange the currency from any country, based on the patient’s requirement. The dedicated Operations Team ensure all transactions in a safe manner, without wasting any time.

Visit & Travel Info

Visit & Travel Info

Our process of delivering the best International patient services starts the moment you confirm your visit to our Hospital for medical treatment. We will immediately send a visa requisition letter to the Indian Embassy in your country and a copy of the same will be marked to you.

In order to send a visa requisition letter to the Indian Embassy in your country, you need to send us the following details via email:

  • Patient's name and passport number
  • Medical escort's name and passport number
  • Country
  • Your tentative date of arrival at JNU Hospital for treatment Note

Note: If you are traveling on a medical visa, you are required to register at the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office within 14 days of your arrival. Our dedicated team will help you with all these formalities as a part of the International patient services. Patients from Pakistan and Bangladesh are required to register with the nearest Police Station or Police Commissioner’s office within 24 hours of arrival. Refer to your Visa/ Transit document for instructions. Please bring 10 passport size photographs with you for the above formalities.


Special Services

Come and experience the best in medical care and hospitality at JNU Hospital where we make our patients and care-givers, the priority.

For a seamless medical experience, a dedicated Coordinator is assigned to all our International patients. Starting from your first query till successful completion of your treatment, this will be your single point of contact.

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Special Services

Process & Checklist

  • 1

    Online Doctors appointment and medical advice

  • 2

    Visa process

  • 3


  • 4

    Registration and admission formalities at the hospital

  • 5

    Discharge process

  • 6

    Payment process

  • 7

    Stay at JNU Hospital

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  • Always keep a copy of your passports, travel visas, airline tickets and travel documents, and a list of all credit cards, that you are carrying. Keep the copies separate from the originals.
  • Indian roads are not always smooth and the traffic is always very chaotic and noisy, but there’s nothing to worry about it.
  • Carry your driver’s license with photo for identification, even if you are not planning to drive.
  • Mosquitoes are rampant in India, so always carry insect repellents, mosquito coils or even an electronic repellent.
  • You are recommended to take ant-malarial tablets as Malaria is still prevalent in some parts of India.
  • Photography is prohibited in places of military importance, railway stations, bridges, airports and military installations.
  • Always follow the basic rules of safety when travelling with regard to using hotel lock boxes, and keeping travel documents safe.
  • Photography is prohibited in places of military importance, railway stations, bridges, airports and military installations.
  • Contact your Embassy/Consulate and nearest Police Station, if you are ever in trouble.
  • The voltage used is 220 volts (the U.S. uses 120 volts). You can purchase a converter at most hardware stores for appliances that do not switch to 220V.
  • Taxis (Cabs) and Auto Rickshaw (3 wheeler) are easily available near most of the hotels and in case they are metered then you pay by meter or tariff card and if they are not metered be sure to negotiate the rate before commencing your journey.Always use only authorized and properly identified taxis and buses.
  • Carry an interior wallet for extra safety, when travelling.
  • The currency in India is called ‘Rupee’ (INR). Change currency only from official moneychangers. Remember to retain the currency Exchange receipts after each transaction. You will need them for re-exchange on departure.
  • Avoid fake porters and guides. Never leave your belongings unattended.
  • Avoid eating fruits without washing them first.
  • Always drink bottled water and avoid drinking water from unknown sources.

Payment Information

Wire Transfer

You can transfer money directly from your bank account to JNU Hospital’s account and it takes about seven working days for the transferred funds to be credited. You can send us the scanned copy of the money transfer receipt and this will be used to help you settle your hospital bill. At the time of discharge, any excess amount will be refunded and pending dues will have to be paid in cash.

Note : Our bank details will be sent to you, on request. Any transferred amount cannot be used for bill settlement unless you provide us with a copy of the wire transfer receipt.

Direct payment

You can pay your hospital bill at the hospital directly through cash, card, or Travelers cheques

Note : We accept all major credit cards like VISA, MASTER Card, AMEX and CIRRUS and we accept Payment for inpatient services in USD & INR only as per the Payment advisory.


Frequently Asked Questions

Today India has some of the finest healthcare facilities and these are manned by doctors and paramedics, with international qualifications, besides a vast experience in their specific fields.

In fact, the cost of treatment here is significantly lesser than in developed countries and sometimes it can be less by almost 60 percent.

This is boon for patients, as they can save their hard-earned money, while availing world-class medical attention and patient care services.

JNU hospital offers:

  • World class medical facilities that use the latest technologies
  • Quality Medical Expertise : A team of highly specialized, internationally trained doctors who are globally renowned for their expertise and skills
  • Seamless services and personalized care and attention
  • Great value for money

It is simple process where you are supposed to produce your passport at the Registration counter to get registered at our hospital. The hospital will maintain a copy of your passport (Photo page and Visa page) in your hospital record. This step is mandatory and is in accordance with the directives from the Government of India.

Our specialized team at the International Patients Services department will help organize the services of a language interpreter who will assist you during all your medical interactions and help you to communicate effectively.

Based on your budget, arrangements for necessary hotel accommodation can be made.

We will do our best to prepare and serve you with a variety of food options as per your preference. This will be in line with all the dietary prescriptions according to your doctor's advice and appropriate to your health status. Use of tobacco products and alcohol are strictly forbidden in the hospital premises.