Chronic Otitis Media

Most common ENT problem of all ages. Leads to long-standing watery discharge. It is of two types – Safe (Mucosal) and Unsafe(Squamosal)

Symptoms - Ear discharge which can be watery to purulent and foul-smelling blood-stained in some cases. Hearing loss ranging from mild to severe, which can be conductive, sensorineural, or mixed

Complications - Untreated COM leads to ossicular damage conductive or sensorineural hearing loss. Serious extra and intracranial complications can also occur, which can be even life-threatening in some cases.

Causes - Untreated acute infections of nose and or ear, poor hygienic living conditions.

Prevention - Proper treatment of any ear nose throat ailment by a specialist, oral hygiene

Diagnosis - Otomicroscopy, culture, and sensitivity test. Pure tone audiometry, Radiological imaging. Treatment- combination of medical & surgical intervention (tympanoplasty and or mastoidectomy). Early is intervention is imperative in squamosal otitis media to prevent serious complications.