Febrile Seizure

Age group- 6 months -5 years. Seizures associated with the abrupt onset of fever are not the result of CNS infection or any metabolic imbalance.

There are 2 types-

  • Simple febrile seizure
  • Complex febrile seizure

Symptoms: Fever associated with seizure


  • Risk of status epilepticus
  • Risk of epilepsy

Causes & Prevention

  • Temperature management
  • Clobazam prophylaxis during febrile episode
  • Self-limiting after 5 years of age

Risk factors

  • Major- less than 1 year, duration of fever < 24 hours, fever 38-39 degrees Celcius
  • Minor- family history, complex febrile seizure

Diagnosis: Clinical diagnosis (rule out meningitis if suspected)


  • Fever management
  • Intermittent prophylaxis (clobazam)
Febrile Seizure