Tonsillar Disease

Chronic infective condition affecting the school going & mid-teenage children

Symptoms - Severe pain in throat with difficulty in swallowing fever, enlarged nodes in the neck, voice change, pain abdomen.

Complications - Peritonsillar abscess, affects growth and development of child. In strep infection, there is a risk of rheumatic fever, kidney involvement.

Causes – Mostly viral but bacterial in some, then streptococcal infection needs to be ruled out.

Risk factors – Young age, frequent exposure of infections from peer group

Prevention – Good hygiene. Sick child should not be sent to school.

Diagnosis - Oral cavity examination inflamed & congested tonsils. Neck has enlarged lymph nodes Throat swab to rule out step infection CBC

Treatment - General supportive & symptomatic treatment, fluids, rest, analgesics, antipyretics. Antibiotics in case of bacterial infection

Surgery - If more then 3 episodes in last 3 years.