Laryngopharyngeal Malignancy

Malignant lesions of this area are fairly common & present late in stage when they are advance

Symptoms - There are vague ranging from irritation in throat to difficulty in swallowing, cough to voice change, breathing difficulty, lump in neck.

Complications - Peritonsillar abscess, affects growth and development of child. In strep infection, there is a risk of rheumatic fever, kidney involvement.

Causes – Tobacco chewing, smoking, long-standing infections, GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)

Prevention – Stop addictions, healthy diet, early specialist opinion for chronic ENT ailments.

Diagnosis - ENT examination, endoscopies, to look into the hidden areas, imaging studies early biopsy of the suspicious lesions.

Treatment - Surgical + Radiotherapy + Chemotherapy. Targeted drug therapy, immunotherapy

Surgery - Laryngopharyngectomy + neck dissection. Palliative treatment in inoperable cases rehabilitation for voice & swallowing difficulties.