Age related hearing loss (Presbycusis) is the decline in hearing that many people experience as they grow older. Almost 1 in 3 adults experience hearing loss b/w the age in 65 – 74.

Causes – Diabetes, family history of hearing loss, high blood pressure, noise-induced, ototoxicity

Symptoms - Difficulty making out higher pitches, such as children voices or some electronic sounds, lip-reading, trouble understanding speech in crowded or noisy places, tinnitus (ringing, buzzing, roaring noises )


Prevention - Avoid loud environments. Managing health conditions like (diabetes/hypertension) turning the volume down on the radio and T.V.

Diagnosis - Otoscopic examination, hearing evaluation by pure tone audiometry .which help you to provide the clues about appearance of eardrum and type / degree of hearing loss.

Management and Treatment - Assistive listening devices, hearing aids, cochlear Implants. People can reduce risk of losing hearing as they get older by protecting themselves from noise induced hearing loss