Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP therapy is a very simple procedure in which the patient’s blood is drawn, then spun in a centrifuge machine.

The Platelet Rich Plasma is separated and removed from the rest of the blood which is rich in growth factors. Subsequently, the PRP which is thus obtained is injected in the scalp or face.

Can be used for

  • Stimulating hair growth in cases of hairloss, androgenetic alopecia
  • To improve texture of facial skin (so called ‘vampire facial’)
  • For stimulating healing in wounds and ulcers

Topical anesthestic cream is applied and kept for 40 to 60 minutes to minimize pain and discomfort

The steps of the treatment are

  • Step 1: Involves withdrawing the patient’s blood.
  • Step 2: Blood is centrifuged by the double spin method
  • Step 3: platelet rich portion is separated from blood
  • Step 4: Final steps involves injecting this PRP which has high concentration of platelets and growth factors on desired areas.

Mild swelling or erythema can be seen which subsides within few hours.

Pain during injections and blood withdrawal

  • No risk of allergies/ hypersensitivity (since own blood is used for preparation)
  • Can be combined easily with any procedure
  • No downtime

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